10 Gamcel Customers Presented Hajj Tickets

10 Gamcel Customers Presented Hajj Tickets




Ten Gamcel customers, who won Hajj tickets to perform the fifth pillar of Islam in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, were each presented their tickets and US$1000 pocket money.

The ceremony, which was held at the Gamcel head office in Kanifing, is part of the GSM service provider’s corporate social responsibility. Since the initiative began, hundreds of Gambians have benefited from the package.

Sarjo Khan the Director of Customer Services Gamcel, said the national cellular company belongs to Gambians, therefore, whatever profit they make is shared with them.

He noted that since the inception of Gamcel, Gambians from different walks of life benefited and continue to benefit from the national GSM Company. “We do not limit ourselves to only Hajj tickets; over the years, we gave out scholarships, contributed to health sector, agriculture, Ramadan sugar, Tobaski rams, so virtually we are in all areas.”

Khan disclosed that Gamcel did not only present hajj tickets and US$1000 to each participant but has also delegated a Gamcel staff to accompany the winners to perform Hajj. “Our role is not only to generate revenue but also to give back to those who keep us in the market.”

Ndey Sainabou Jeng, Gamcel’s promoter said the cellular giant began the promotion almost a decade ago and has since sent hundreds of Gambians to perform pilgrimages in Mecca, Rome and Jerusalem. “Giving back, caring and sharing is part of Gamcel’s culture that is why we will not relent and we will continue to give back to Gambians,” she affirmed.

by Omar Wally