2016 Banjul Nawettan Update

2016 Banjul Nawettan Update




In a knockout game played at the KG5 Mini Stadium in Banjul, Babylon made it to the quarter finals of the 2016 Banjul Nawettan after defeating Heart of Banjul 1-0.

Momodou lamin Touray scored the only goal of the match in the early kick-off, which gave them a chance to contest in the quarter-final.

It was an unfortunate moment for their counterparts, Heart of Banjul, whose hope is now only on the league as both teams are qualified to contest in the quarterfinals.


Fine and Suspension

In another development, the Banjul Youth and Sports Committee has suspended Abdoulie Jallow, Assistant Coach of Tesito for the rest of 2017 Nawetttan with a fine of D1000. This is said to be due to his unsporting behaviour after their match against Miami on Sunday, September 4th.

A copy of the letter was sent to Observer Sports and it reads:  “The Banjul Youth and Sports Committee has decided to suspend Abdoulie Jallow (Boy Jallow), Assistant Coach for the 2017 Nawetttan for his unsporting behaviour after his match against Miami on Sunday, 4th September and fined D1000 for entering the football field and damaging the corner flag before the second match.

He is not to be involved in any activity of the team during matches and should not enter the dressing room, stand behind the bench or field the match form and enter the football field during and after the match. The fine must be paid before the 2017 Nawettan failure which Tesito will not be allowed to compete in the Nawettan”.

The letter further indicates that their protest against Miami, claiming they fielded in an ineligible player in Muhammed Touray for collecting three yellow cards and should have been suspended, is not valid.

“According to our records from the match forms and as clearly stated in the Week 6 Nawettan Journal, the aforesaid player only collected two yellow cards,” the letter ends.

by Saffiatou Colley