4 Convicted, Fined FOR Tree Felling

4 Convicted, Fined FOR Tree Felling




Four men have been convicted and fined by the Upper Nuimi District tribunal for felling trees without permit and licence in an open access forest in Upper Nuimi.

Chief Momodou Lamin Chatty Cham convicted Sheikh Njie, Alieu Njie, Mamat Nyang and Alhgie Mamat Jah all from Fass Chaho to a fine of D20, 000 each for violating Forestry Act. They were also fined D6000 each for felling trees without permit and licence.

Shiekh Njie of Fass Chaho was separately fined D4, 000 for attempting to hit a forest staff with a weapon while the officer was executing his function.

Handing down his judgement, Chief Cham said he will leave no stone unturned in applying the law on anyone found guilty of such an act.  “I have zero tolerance to the destruction of the forest,” he said. He stressed that felling trees without permit and licence is a serious violation of the of the Forestry Act.

Ebou Janha, the North Bank Region Forestry Officer commended the tribunal for the move, saying that would help in the protection and preservation of the forest from over exploitation.

While calling on people to desist from felling trees without a permit and licence, he assured that his office would continue to enforce the Forest Act.

He reminded forest users to stop threatening forestry staff while on the execution of their functions.

He commended people of Upper Nuimi and the district tribunal for their support to the protection of the forest resources.

by Alhagie Babou Jallow