ABCLC Inaugurates D3M Rehabilitation Project

ABCLC Inaugurates D3M Rehabilitation Project




A Better Chance Learning Centre (ABCLC) on Wednesday inaugurated a 74,571 Euros, approximately 3,570,000 million dalasi project for the rehabilitation and construction of the Centre.

The project was implemented within the framework of the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security projects funded by the Government of Japan.

The inauguration of the project held at the School Complex in Kotu, is to enable the school to provide a safe learning environment for students and to receive over 50 additional students.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nora Greywood head of ABC 3 (Upper Basic) said the project consist of a library, computer lab and renovation of the entire school premises.

She underscored the significance of a library, noting that it is important in every education system to help students advance their studies.  This, Greywood added is one of the objectives of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education  to ensure that every school has a standard library.

“This is an opportunity that many schools didn’t get. So I challenge all students of ABC learning Centre to make good use of this opportunity brought to you by the Government of Japan to be reproductive individuals in future.  Remember that everything good is hidden in books and in the internet”.

She said with the availability of the ibrary and computers, they intend to groom their students to find what is hidden and equally develop cyber oriented teachers so they can enjoy knowledge and information useful to them.

she then commented the Japanese Government for their continual support to Gambia’s national growth and development.

Hideya Sato, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan to the Gambia said his government provided the project to help enhance the basic academic skills and achieve other developments of the Country.

He added that in the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 6) which, he said Japan co-organized with partners, Japan committed to implement measures amounting to 500,000 US Dollars for the enforcement of the peace and stability of Africa.

“Japan has decided to provide assistance for human resource development for 10,000,000 people in Africa for three years starting from 2016, including the framework of the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects and occasional trainings for 60,000,000.  Sato however assured his Government’s support to the Country as well as strengthening their co-operation.

Special Report

by Saffiatou Colley