Agony Corner: I am Interested In My Childhood Friend

Agony Corner: I am Interested In My Childhood Friend

Beauty of the Week
I am a young girl attracted to my childhood friend. We did our primary education together in the same school. We were separated for about eight years, but recently we met on Facebook as he now resides in the States.

Despite the fact that I have dated other guys in the past, I still realised that the strong feelings between us is still there. I am still interested and love him more. But the problem is that he sees me as a friend and nothing more than that. Moreso, I am afraid that my feelings for him might just be left hanging because he will never see us as anything beside friend. Though, I have tried so hard to forget about him but it is very difficult for me to do so. Again I am too scared to tell him my intense feeling for him because it might ruin our friendship and some guys may take you for granted for that.


Let’s go by the words of Marcel Proust, he said “let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” So be happy and give thanks to God that you are able to meet again on Facebook. All you need now is to continue as friends especially now that you are not living in the same vicinity. As good friends separated by distance without frequent communication until recently, it will be a little bit difficult for you as a young lady to express your feeling for him. This is because he will not see, treat or accept you as a true lover but someone that want to associate with a Semester for opportunity. So keep on the cord of good friendship, one day one thing might lead to other and you cling or hit it at right place. This is because when you see someone and you fall for him/her and the person smiled it is because such person knows your feeling. Think of it. Good luck!


Women and Grumbling


I am a regular reader of Lovelines but one thing I want to ask is why are women always grumbling and complaining? We discussed many topics but we never discussed why women grumble or complain. I know your answer on this as usual will be interesting to some readers like me.


Your question amused me. You are very funny with your observation but mind you there are men that are great grumblers. Start taking note as from today. Men can grumble and whine more than women when they are looking for excuse(s) to nab their wives especially when they want to escape the house expenses or getting ready to marry a new wife. On a serious note women are not just grumbling for nothing but they are just sharing their grievances. It is rather unfortunate that men believe is that women’s grumbling is one of the means that they used to express their feelings and is accepted as part of their weakness. They do not only grumble and complain, some women can easily sob when expressing their feelings. Women complaining and grumbling out is even better as some men might keep their feelings to their chests and end up with heart attack. So note that women are more used to talking to someone about their feelings because they are more emotional and are more comfortable figuring out their feelings by talking about them. Complaining and talking to someone about their problem sometime helps them to find solution to their problem. Good luck!