Agony Corner: She’s My Good Friend, I Love Her

Agony Corner: She’s My Good Friend, I Love Her

Beauty of the Week


I am having a very good close lady friend. I love her so much. I can equally see this in her that she loves me too. However, the bottleneck is that it is difficult for me to tell her because I don’t know how I can break her defence. Sincerely, I know she loves me too but she is trying to hide her feeling.


I want you to know that most times it does not necessarily mean that we should say it anyhow that I fall for you or want us to be lovers before you can ignite your relationship. You can start your relationship with mere action, smile, chatting, touching and outing among other ways. But it all depends on your maturity, confidence and understanding. This is because love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together to enable you say it out or show the action, but it is about how much you love each other every day and fall for each other. Well there is no harm in trying; all you need here is confidence. With confidence start a topic of interest that can warrant you to talk about love and from there you can start smiling and touching each other. Look into her face direct and see what will happen. If she is responding to you positively with stylish and lovely smile don’t withdraw; fire on and say what is in your mind. She cannot kill or run away from you. The answer is always two: ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Though, your judgment is that she is interested in you just as you are interested in her, she might just be interested in you as a close friend and not someone to date. But still, there is no harm in trying especially that you are sure that you really feel something genuine for her; not as the case of hit and run. Go ahead as you finish reading this. Good luck!

I want to Save My Marriage, Please!


I would like you to advise me on how to save my marriage because everyday my husband shouts at me, threatening to divorce me and I still want to keep the marriage.


Unfortunately, I might be right or wrong with my advice to you on this issue. The reason being you did not give much details about the problem between the two of you that warranted for his divorce song at home.

However, I would advise you to have one-on-one discussion with him to know the reason why he wants to divorce you. Doing this might help you to make amendment should the trouble is from you. And if it is from him, still, you might have a better solution as well to put an end to the silent pandemonium between you. For more information you can let Lovelines know more about the cause for further discussion. Good luck!


Waiting for the Best Time to Date or Remarry


A warm greeting to Lovelines’s crew. I am a young widower; I lost my wife about sixteen months ago. Since then I have not been dating. But of recent I started having interest in dating or having feelings for women. So I want to know when it is the right time to start dating after losing a wife.


(Name withheld)

Well, there is no better time than now; when you started having feelings for women. Of course we are human and so must mourn the death of a loved one; yet    death is inevitable and we cannot bring back a gone soul. Therefore, once someone’s spouse dies the marriage too dies and it is natural to have mourning period. In brief, it is time for you to move on now. Good luck!


I Still Love My Ex



We have been friends for a long time now and I really like him. One day he asked me out and that is where we started dating. Recently, he started behaving very weird. He would neither reply to my messages nor does he call me. I tried to endure but now he broke up with me and said he never wants to speak to me again. I want to believe that he doesn’t like me anymore but I want him to at least talk to me because I don’t feel like I will or can ever get over him. If he still wants to go out with me I cannot say no because I will  say yes to him. He  really love me but I am just hoping that he will say he was just joking.



Well, my dear, please wake up from your slumber; it is not a joke, so move on with your life. Relationship is like that; sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Whatever the case just remember that for every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it; for every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it; for every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it. So there are many guys out there who will love to have you as their girlfriend, so why cry over a spoilt milk. Don’t make yourself cheap, he has shown it to you that he doesn’t love you. Don’t let someone become everything to you; move on, life is beautiful and sweet. Don’t treat yourself like a modern love slave. Good luck!


She’s Making it Hard for me



I love this girl seriously. She is single but she is making it hard for me to get into her life. I don’t know if she is trying to check if I am having a genuine love for her or not. I am really confused.



It is not that she is making it hard for you to get it into her life, interest matters most. Let her know you are serious. But if she still does not give you a positive response or considered you, there is no need to continue wallowing in love expectations which might never be. So, wake up, check on other ladies that will not stress you because if someone wants to be a part of your life they will make an obvious effort to do so that you will know. Therefore, do not be confused. Good luck!


My friend is Dating two best friends!



Is this love or enjoyment because I can’t just understand how my friend can be going out with two good friends at a go. One of these two guys confided in me but it is difficult for me to confront my friend about this. If I do this it will pop up brawl among the two guys and I will feel uncomfortable for spoiling their friendship. But it is disgusting and embarrassing to know that this is going on betwen very good and close friends. I don’t know how long this started but it is getting to two months. He told me the two friends are still balling her without the knowledge of each other. It is shameful because there are others that will know about this and look at us as the same!



It’s a fact that secrets and doubts such as the one you’re experiencing can corrupt friendships and even families. Here you are a victim as you preferred to keep quiet. The best thing for you to do is to talk to your friend about this and let her know that it is no more a secret. It is a disrespectful act that makes her so cheap. No matter what, either one or both will always look low upon her as they know that they are rotating her within themselves. They will continue using her to warm their bed. However, it is also important to talk to the one that confided in you to withdraw from this dirty race and join the discipline, and decent people around him if he doesn’t want to cut short the chord of friendship. Really, he confided in you because he wants you to know how cheap, dirty and useless your friend is. Had it been it is love, he will conceal it or seek your advice. But as far as he is not seeking solution on what to do about it, he is just letting you know what he’s enjoying. Although, it is not a new thing as some guys know that a lady is dating their friend but still running after her probably because of her special romance and bed performances that cannot be compared with their girlfriends. All the same some ladies also like dating their friend’s boyfriend or their boyfriend’s friend as well simply because he is a good shooter and high spender. It is vice versa. Therefore, talk to both of them and if they cannot desist from this, stay away from them to avoid wrong misconception. This is because the adage is ‘birds of the same feather flock together.’

Good luck!