Agony Corner: We Did a Lot Together

Agony Corner: We Did a Lot Together



Couple of The Week

There is something that baffles me and I need help, please. I am going out with a lady and we did everything together like a husband and wife. But what always surprises me is that each time I say ‘I love you’ to her she gets angry with me and quickly changes the discussion or even end the conversation abruptly. I will confess to you, I love her with all my heart but I don’t know if she feels the same towards me. What can I do to make her understand that I love her?


Well, a kiss can be a comma, question mark or an exclamation point. This is a basic thing every mature person must  know. If she kisses, hugs, embraces or sleeps behind you does not mean that she loves you. All what she is doing with you might be just ‘for that moment,’ which could be the possible reason she gets angry each time you say ‘I love you’. Having s** with a man or a woman is not a true test of love; rather is a way of satisfying self desire and feeling. Since what you started as a fantasy has gradually pulled you into garden of love, what you need to do is to give her chance to discover the love in you just as you did find her attracted to you. If she gets used to you she will not get upset with you anymore when you mention the three letter words to her. Good luck!

She’s Only After Her Interest


I have a problem with my girlfriend’s attitude. We dated for seven months and she didn’t give me any reason to trust her throughout. This is due to her behavior because it is very rear for her to call or text me and if she texted it is because I did. Also if she sends text message to me first, it  means she needs something from me. Each time I tried to talk to her she got mad at me. Even when I sent something like credit, present, money or whatever to her the best she does is to send me the two-word message – ‘Thank you.’ She will never call to appreciate no matter how small or big my present for her is. I have now realised that she was interested in whatever she can get from me but not me. Our love was ‘one week love,’ because the first week was nice but after the first week the rest became ‘the boy is good.’ She stopped visiting me, never replied to my message until she needed something. I confronted her about three times on this attitude, but she said if I want a reply I should always send credit along with my text message. I stopped sending her credit when I found out that she’s always on social website and if she sees me online she never ‘hi’ me. But before I called it quit, I made some strong words to her concerning my suspicion of her and I knew that she felt bad about those words. Now I think she has gone too far because she blacklisted me on her phone and other websites.


Some people believe that there is never a time or place for true love. But it happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, single flashing or throbbing moment. So I want to believe also that you didn’t find true love but you were able to find a selfish lover who has turned you to ‘the boy is good.’ Women generally tend to referr fools as ‘the boy is good’ when it comes to a relationship. She took you as a fool because you are like a ‘tipper’ to her, hence you always offload your pocket to her when she asked for anything. Be aware that giving out presents, money or whatever would not make a woman or a girl to love you if she is not interested in a relationship. But it will only give her chance to siphon you because you are ‘the boy is good.’ I would not say much since you have already known that she only loved your pocket not you. However, she has not gone too far as but she did what she has done because she knows that she’s done with you. So, forget about her be upright and look for a lady that will love you. But remember not to build your relationship with money, gift or material if you want genuine and lasting relationship. Good luck!

RE: It Hurts Me!


I don’t know how to forgive my so-called fiancé. I love him but I think he is not open to me as I am to him. I let him know everything about me. We have been dating for over four years and he promised to marry me. All these while, I had been sleeping and waking on this empty promise that never materialised until two days before the ‘Koriteh’ when I knew that my fiancé is someone who only pretends. He has a special phone and a number that is accessed by only him. On this day, he called me to accompany him to buy something for his family. After the pricing as he was about to pay, he mistakenly handed over this phone to me. It was on silence but the light came on indicating an incoming call. He didn’t notice this but when I looked at it I realised that he saved the number as DEAREST. I walked away smartly as if I was pricing other materials just to get the number, which I succeeded in doing. I was not comfortable but I waited till after the Koriteh holiday just to know if he knew I saw the number. But he didn’t. When I resumed work I called the number while I was alone to know more about this ‘DEAREST’. But the response I got hurt me to the marrow. The person disclosed her identity to me. It is a woman who has a five-year-old daughter with my so-called fiancé. When I asked him, he confirmed it! I was in darkness all along. I wasted not only my resources on him, but also my time because I have waited for so long on empty promises. It hurts me! Please tell other ladies out there the truth about some of these men. We should not all be a victim of them always. In our society, when a woman betrays a man, the whole community makes it a subject, but when a man does it, it is kudos to him. Why?

(Name withheld)

It hurts but I would want you to know that many had  found themselves in this situation before and some are still going to be in the same situation in future unless they are able to love with their heart and not with their head. For a long time you should have taken your time to observe this man to know what he’s having up his sleeve.  He promised you but you are not destined to be together. This man is not sincere in his promise which is one of the reasons you had dated for four years without knowing who he is. If really he wanted to marry you he should have let you know about his marital status and leave the rest for you to decide. This hurt you more because you learned about it from the mother of his child, which you don’t even know if they are married or not. But from the look of things, there is more between them that you don’t know, taking into consideration that he has special phone to communicate with her as you mentioned and he even confirmed your discovery. Well, it is not time wasted but I call it ‘relationship experience gathering’ for you and others to learn from. For others, to avoid being a victim of this type of situation there is need to know what your partner is in to. As things stand now, be happy and give thanks to your Almighty, the good one will surely come forward with a genuine and faithful heart. But one thing is that love is like luck; that it can take you longer than expected to find one. Good luck!