Alleged Drug Peddler’s Case Set for Judgement

Alleged Drug Peddler’s Case Set for Judgement




Principal Magistrate Omar Cham of the Banjul Magistrates’ Court has adjourned a drug case involving Modou Lamin Bah to 3rd October 2016 for judgement after the accused maintained a plea of not guilty.

Since the inception of the trial, Bah has denied ownership of the alleged cannabis, claiming that it was a set up by the Drug Law Enforcement Agency officers who arrested him because they found D7000 on him.

Bah is alleged to have been found in possession of 317g and 500mg of Cannabis sativa, a prohibited drug, on or about 12th May 2013 at Basse Kaba Kama in the Upper River Region.

He said the drug officer who took his keys and mobile phone from him and held them for two weeks took him to Basse police station.

He said after he was released, he found that many of his properties were missing and when he complained to the drug officers’ boss, he was rearrested and detained for a week and brought to Banjul police station.

During cross-examining by prosecutor OS Jallow, the accused said he was arrested at around 11pm in his house when he returned from work and the cannabis was found beside his door.

When asked if he knew that drug officers get information in most of the drug cases and who among the arresting officers testified in his case, the accused said he does not smoke so he wouldn’t know any information about the drug. He said the officer who testified in his case was Adama Manneh.

The prosecutor also asked the accused if he had cross-examined the officer who obtained the statement from him. The accused said he had cross-examined the officer and that it was Adama Manneh who obtained his statement and forced him to thumb-print it.

The prosecutor then put to the accused that there was no element of truth in what he said but the accused maintained that he was telling the truth.

Aji Fatou Lemon