Annual UTG Debate Association’s Debate Championship Kicks off

Annual UTG Debate Association’s Debate Championship Kicks off




The University of The Gambia (UTG) Debate Association has recently begun its annual debate championship at a ceremony held at the UTG Law Faculty in Kanifing.

The championship saw the participation of senior secondary schools and students of the UTG.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the guest speaker of the occasion, Almami Taal underscored the importance of debate and public speaking, noting that the championship will create an opportunity for students of the country to learn more and showcase their individual talents beyond classroom level.

While acknowledging that things might be tough for students since there is lot of work to do, he noted that at the end of the day positive results are what the UTG Debate Association yearns for.

“The four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all interconnected. Proficiency in each skill is necessary to become a well-rounded communicator, but the ability to speak skillfully provides the speaker with several distinct advantages. The capacity to put words together in a meaningful way to reflect thoughts, opinions, and feelings provides the speaker with these important advantages,” Tall remarked.

The president of the UTG Debate Association, Ensa Kinteh, also underscored the importance of debate. “True learning takes place only through debate. If you cannot articulate an idea, and defend it rationally, then your mind will always be a slave to someone else or a slave to your own shifting impulses,” he stated.

According to him, it is true that one cannot debate without understanding the logical aspect of the debate topic.

by Awa Gassama