Another Presidential Tour Has Began

Another Presidential Tour Has Began

As he began his nationwide tour yesterday, Gambian people are eager to receive their peace loving and caring President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh, Babili Mansa.

From Banjul to Barra and to the rest of the country, The Gambian people, who always maintained staunch commitment to President Jammeh, the APRC party and his government will again renew their unflinching support to a President whose leadership they have always loved and cherished.

With a befitting welcome accorded to the President and his entourage by the people of the North Bank Region (NBR) at the start of the tour at Barra, this was described by many as one of the biggest welcoming from the people of that region, which once again reaffirmed the love and admiration the Gambian people have for their President.

The tour, which is a constitutional requirement, will take the President to all the seven administrative regions of the country; listening to the people and illuminating the commitment of the leadership and government to the welfare of the citizenry. The crowd that accompanied the Presidential delegation at every region and the number of people that attend his meetings all tells one thing; that they will be ever committed and loyal to the  President , a caring leader they love and stand by and support all his development aspirations for this great nation.

The nationwide meet the people tour will accord President Jammeh the opportunity to once again hear firsthand information from the people who he loved dearly, in an attempt to consolidate the numerous gains attained by the Second Republic.

Since taking over the country’s mantle of leadership some 22 years ago, President Jammeh continues to positively impact the lives of every Gambian and non-Gambians with uncountable development projects and programmes in all parts of the country.

Today, apparently every part of the country is electrified, has access to clean and portable drinking water, while schools, health facilities and agricultural projects are spread all over the country.

With the country entering an election month this December, the President is not campaigning to canvass votes; rather it is the citizens who should take it upon themselves to repay him for his personal and government’s commitment to the development of the country.

Of course, our development prospects rest, for the most part, in the hands of our own people, particularly the younger generation . We therefore call on the country’s young energetic people to continue maintaining their devoted and unshakable support that they have been demonstrating for the past 22 years to President Jammeh, his government and the APRC party for the country’s greater good.

Gambians should further bolster their efforts in our bid to attain President Jammeh and his government’s ambitious development targets for the country. The benefits of heeding the Presidents calls for Gambians to nurture peaceful coexistence, peaceful neighborliness and hard work to move the country forward to is today transforming into visible evidence that The Gambia is indeed maintaining the path of self-sustenance and peacefulness.

Fundamentally, the Presidential tour is one of the greatest and most unique qualities of President Jammeh’s leadership style. Meeting the people and getting firsthand information from them on the state of the country’s development and what more is needed to be done is truly an admirable leadership treat. We therefore once again commend the President for embarking on this tour as a testament of his commitment to the development of the country.