Another Setback in Pre-Mix D33M Theft Trial

Another Setback in Pre-Mix D33M Theft Trial

The D33 million theft trial involving Babucarr Badjie, a former employee of Associated Pre-Mix Oil Company Tuesday suffered another setback at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

Tuesday’s adjournment of the case was due to the absence in court of the presiding magistrate Hilary Abeke in the morning. All parties including the prosecuting officer Assistant Superintendent Fadera; the accused person; and the defence counsel Pa Harry Jammeh were present but the magistrate’s absence compelled them to take adjourned date together with the court clerk.

On the last adjourned date, the presiding magistrate could not sit over cases (including the Pre-Mix theft case) in the morning due to the hot weather which coincides with power shortage making the courtroom dark for comfortable proceeding.

The case was first mentioned in court on 10th March 2016. It is still at the prosecution stage in which they called three witnesses with the third witness (Pre-Mix Operation Manager) currently under cross-examination.

Under cross-examination in the last proceeding of the case, the company’s Operation Manager Ousman Jammeh was asked by defence counsel Pa Harry Jammeh to produce his academic qualifications to the court to justify a report he claimed to have written against the accused person.

The witness in his earlier evidence said he oversees the auditing of the company and that he conducted a review on the accused person’s daily banking transactions on the company’s accounts after which he realised some discrepancies which amounted to about D33 million, a report of which was tendered as an exhibit.

The case is now adjourned to Tuesday, 4th October for the Operation Manager to present his academic qualifications.

by Meita Touray