APRC Militants Revel in Kartong Rally Turnout

APRC Militants Revel in Kartong Rally Turnout




Party militants of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) have expressed their delight over the massive turnout at last weekend’s Kartong rally.

That Saturday’s rally was organised by the local community of the Kombo South settlement and was aimed at renewing their loyalty, commitment, and appreciation to the President as well as celebrate the recent certificates of merit handed to natives of the village by Professor Jammeh.

Sheriffo Bojang, the Deputy Ministry of Agriculture, said the impressive turnout signifies that the people of Kartong are set to give all their votes to President Jammeh in the 2016 Presidential Election. “APRC is 100% in control of Kartong and I love the confidence of no turning back in the people,” he said.

Buba I. Demba, the Deputy Chief of Protocol at the Office of the President, and a native of Kartong, said it is a breakthrough for him to be part of the people President Jammeh has awarded, noting that the award will go a long way towards motivating him to do more for his country.  “I salute President Jammeh for identifying me out of many to be awarded based on my immense contribution towards national development. The award came at the right time and I am glad that it left out no deserved individual,” he noted.

According to Demba, APRC being a party with an interest to develop The Gambia has and forever will continue to dominate politics in Kartong. He declared that his village is 100% in support of President Jammeh, confidently saying that it is a no-go area for the opposition.

Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, former Speaker of the National Assembly, stated that President Jammeh is a dynamic leader with  substance, which Kartong people are patriotic and wise enough to know.

“The turnout of this occasion is great and overwhelming and it tells that APRC has conquered Kartong already. Agreeing to the fact that President Jammeh has supported and still supporting Kartong in various aspects, people of Kartong have proven to maintain loyalty and gratitude in creating no room for opposition,” she affirmed.

FJC, as she is fondly called, further stated that President Jammeh will undoubtedly emerge victorious again in the 2016 Presidential Election, saying Gambians are comfortable with him and will continue to rally behind him to continue enjoying from his exemplary and substantial leadership.

“APRC will remain on top because it is a party blessed with good people under great leadership. Jammeh is a leader with a difference who acquired numerous attributes to make Gambia stand out in Africa. I know that Gambians are ready to vote him in again,” she said.

Hon. Fatou Mbaye, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly stated that the President has awarded the right people, expressing excitement for the appreciation Kartong has shown to the APRC for not leaving out its people. “The turnout here shows that APRC is in control of Kartong and I believe other villages and towns will emulate them,” she asserted.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh and Alieu Ceesay