APRC to Sweep Polls in Kombo North, South

APRC to Sweep Polls in Kombo North, South




The people of Kombo North and South have assured that the ruling APRC party is going to sweep the polls in the two constituencies in Thursday’s Presidential Election.

The locals made the pledge during what were well-attended meetings in Kombo Sanyang and Sinchun Alhagie villages on Saturday.

Despite the absence of President Jammeh due to the demise of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, the ambience and turnout at both meetings were beyond any imagination.

Sanyang Meeting

Gibba Jabang, representative of the alkalo of Sanyang said the whole Kombo South is behind the ruling party. “We will vote for President Jammeh more than we did in the 2011 Election.”

Whether the opposition believe it or not, Jabang said President Jammeh is going to win the election and continue his development projects.

Ida Ndure, Sanyang ward councillor said there is no way the opposition can win the election, as President Jammeh has done enough for Gambians to continue to support him. “We love the President today more than ever and nothing can stop that.”

She urged the people of Kombo South to vote for APRC and continue to enjoy from the many developments.

Chief Alhaji Ajeh Janneh said President Jammeh is the leader to liberate the country from dependency and urged people not to listen to the baseless and unfound remarks by the opposition. “APRC is a peaceful party and President Jammeh will continue to lead the country,” the Kombo South chief said.

Hon. Abdou Colley, National Assembly member for Kombo South said his constituency was in darkness prior to the advent of the 22nd July Revolution, citing the numerous developments in the area in the last 22 years. From good roads, health facilities, education, communication and electricity, Hon Colley thanked the President and promised they will vote for him.

Aja Lisa Darboe, regional women mobiliser; and constituency chairman Omar Njieyo Touray, both assured that APRC will sweep the polls.

Mayor Yankuba Colley, APRC national mobiliser general said the opposition and their associates cannot fool Gambians any more with their vague promises. He said the government under the leadership of President Jammeh continues to prioritise the interest of Gambians above anything.

He recalled that the last election President Jammeh defeated the oppositions by 400, 000 votes. To the opposition, he advised them to desist from insults and the use of abusive language towards the ruling party and its supporters. “We are more than you [opposition] and we can pay back but we won’t because our party leader [President Jammeh] peaches peace.”

Sheriffo Bojang, deputy minister of Agriculture said the agricultural sector is more developed and transformed under the current government than the First Republic. He added that the government continues to invest a lot in the sector with so many agricultural projects, citing the recently launched value chain agricultural project worth D160M for farmers in the Upper River Region.

He revealed that soon many more settlements in Kombo South will benefit from electricity and water supply.

Balla Garba Jahumpa, the APRC campaign manager urged the people of WCR to vote for the party that has visibly transformed the country and brought developments to the doorstep of every Gambian. He advised people to put aside tribal sentiments and vote for President Jammeh. He informed that there are more developments in the pipeline for the area.

Sinchu Alhagie

Speaking at the Sinchu Alhagie Meeting, Alkalo Alhaji Salifu Ceesay was full of praises for President Jammeh and his government for transforming the lives and livelihood of the people of Sinchu Alhagie and surroundings.

He said Sinchu was in darkness but was brought to light by the Jammeh government. “We know no party but APRC and we will rally behind the action-oriented leader.”

Describing President Jammeh as a true pan-Africanist who represents the true identity of Africa, Alkalo Ceesay urged his people to put side tribalism and vote for the progressive party and the President.

The paramount chief, Alhaji Demba Sanyang told the crowd that it is time to repay the President for his good heart and intention for Gambians. He thanked the President for standing up for the interest of dignity of Gambians.

Hon. Seedy SK Njie, nominated National Assembly member revealed that plans are underway to construct many roads within Kombo North. He added that many settlements will also benefit from electricity soon. He therefore urged on people to go out in numbers and vote massively for the ruling party.

Dr. Fatou Lamin Faye, minister of Basic and Secondary Education said politics of deception cannot work in the country any longer because Gambians are aware now. She therefore, reminded the oppositions that their tricks cannot work. The developments ushered in by the Jammeh administration, she told the meeting, are there for all to see.

She used the meeting to urge on APRC supporters not to give attention to the opposition who are bent on creating tension.

Speaker after speaker all spoke of the need to vote for the APRC. They expressed confidence that victory is already assured and it is just a matter of going to the polling stations and vote.


by Alieu Ceesay &

Musa Ndow