APRC Vanguards: We Are Thrilled by the Awards



The vanguards of the July 22nd Revolution have been expressing gratitude and appreciation to the President, party founder and chairman of the ruling APRC party for remembering them by conferring on them National Awards.

Governor Salifu Puye described the award as historic because it came at a time when the historic July 22nd Revolution is being celebrated. “It was significant and historic in the annals of the July 22nd Revolution. It was equally a fortunate moment for those recipients especially those of them who are in other domains. It has touched many people because it came to them as a surprise even those in the Diaspora you could see how appreciative they were to be honoured,” said Governor Puye.

Pa Modou Njie for his part said: “I was humbled to receive an award from the President in recognition of my contribution to the Revolution. We are very happy to receive the award because it shows that our efforts are really recognised.”

Also speaking in this Daily Observer interview Lamin Komma added: “I was very humbled about it and I am very much appreciative of it. We did a very little service to the government and its leadership so for them to turn around and remember us is indeed an honour. We feel that deep sense of humility. We are very much appreciative of it and very honoured. It is fantastic it is a feeling that you could not hide and what I regret most was my physical absence to receive the award on my own.”

Kuru Kongira said: “I am very grateful and happy to be awarded. If you work and your effort is been recognised especially at the highest level I really appreciate that and I am putting a course to Gambians that revolution is all about change and if any revolutionary government couldn’t change the attitude of the citizens, couldn’t bring development is a failed revolution and the APRC government has brought in an unprecedented development to the doorstep of Gambians. So only one person cannot do it all alone so is a duty upon all citizens to be part of nation building.”

Also speaking to the Daily Observer, Mamudou A. Jallow, Press Officer Office at the President said: “I am deeply touched by the awards but not surprised because I know President Jammeh sees every effort played and he rewards people based on their performance. I cannot in words express how thrilled I felt together with my family for being among those chosen to receive such a prestigious award. This is a clear indication that the President indeed appreciates the efforts and support coming from every Gambian and non-Gambians alike.”

Batch Samba Jallow, a Gambian based in the United States of America said: “Our families and friends hereby express our greatest appreciation to the President and Commander-in-Chief of The Gambia Armed and Security Services, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh Babili Mansa. Our unwavering support and loyalty to him is unlimited and unconditional. Under his wise and visionary leadership, the hard work of patriotic and peace-loving Gambians will never go unrecognised. We are hereby calling on all patriotic Gambians in and out of the country to rally behind the APRC and transform The Gambia into a great country which our humble President is yearning for.”

Also speaking to the Daily Observer from North Carolina in the United States of America was Omar Jallow. “I am deeply humbled by your recognition. The presentation of this prestigious National Honours speaks volume of your leadership qualities and shows great wisdom,” he said.

“Your Excellency I would like to say a big thank you, and I would also like you to know that ever since you assume the leadership of the Republic of The Gambia in 1994 my desolation as a Gambian youth changed forever. Years of pessimism instantly turned into hope and those dark days have clearly become a distant memory. I have since then taken a great pride in your leadership, and makes me proud of being a Gambian for that matter. My conviction in you have never wavered nor diminished since then, and God willing, will never falter.”

by Musa Ndow


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