I couldn’t believe flying all the way to the South American State of Brazil, but well I did it. And guess what; despite all talk of this thing they call ‘Zika’, I never saw anything like that. Hahaaa…

So proud of myself to have flown to Brazil. And yes I had to! Because we are @ Rio 2016 and Thumbs Up to The Gambia for that. We deserve it, don’t we? Gambia deserves it; I could remember our debut at the Olympic Games, it was back at the Los Angeles 1984. But throughout all these games, no single Gambian owl could make it to watch and support our teams. I Dr. Owl, I am the first to do this!

Let’s keep trying, luck is coming as Nawettan is already here, Qualifiers, SuperCups, and now the Nawettan proper, Observer Light publishing a Nawettan Special too, what could go wrong? By the way, thumbs up to the Daily Observer Company for reaching this year’s NISA Football tournament final.

Let’s keep supporting, football is changing lives and thank God people are now concerned about  the game more than ever. People are now more serious with sports.

But well again! It’s summer time and I have seen lots of interesting activities added to the holidays of the summer. Of course Summer Schools and Studies have started, but what could stop a Morning Beach walk, Sunday beach picnic and other activities. Kids love sun and fun, and its only summer time that could give this.

By the way there are lots of summer youth camps and this is very impressive; seeing young Gambians volunteering time and resources to help one another. I salute all youths for coming up with brilliant ideas like Youth Summer Camps; I flew around a few camps and was glad to see a lot of activities as such as Yoga & Reflections, Spelling Bee & Quiz, Motivational Walk, Scavenger Hunt and a lots more. I’m having the Summer of My time, are you?

Chi Jaama

Dr. Owl