Oh oh my Gambian people. I have been praising you all a lot of late but it so about time I brought to you some criticism. A lot has happened of late that has made me lose some respect for some of you.

This business of going through the back way is still on the rise and we need to put a stop to this. My problem with you all is that when we talk about the back way, we all blame the youths. But really who are giving these young people the money to embark on this perilous senseless journey?

Oh last weekend I could not go out at all. I spent the whole weekend weeping. That is because I saw a couple of young boys of middle school age, entering this bus that takes the back way travelers; the boys were chatting below a tree where I was taking my rest and all of them explained how their parents gave them the money to pay for the bus but their parents warned them to never reveal the source of their funds for the journey.

Now this really broke my heart because I cannot understand what level of materialistic greed can push a human being, who professes any form of religious devotion, to fund their children to take this dangerous route in search of non-existent greener pastures in the West.

And I also kept on wondering, with all the media hype by these so-called voluntary youth organisations and NGO’s; all these Organisations have been making claims that they were combating illegal migration but what is the result. Really I think it is about time we set up a national audit of NGO’s. If you are raising funds in the name of Gambian people, the people deserve some kind of explanation as to how these funds are used. Chei aduna!

And finally these people going around trying to set public institutions on fire. What kind of animals are they? Certainly they cannot be credited with any human faculties of reasoning or feelings. I think all Gambian people should be on the lookout for these criminals. Even me Dr. Owl, I will increase my nightly flights around town and if I notice any suspicious activity, I will alert the police. Now if I, as an owl can do this, what are you waiting for my Gambian people?

Chi Jaama,

Dr. Owl