Another weekend at our hub, was not boring at all; if you are bored, then please make it a habit to visit the TDA, and especially, the Senegambia strip. You know, I have been quiet of late but there was a reason for this but I will explain it later…

Meanwhile, I have noticed that most of the semesters have now left; there are just a few who are in town for special missions and I overheard a conversation between two over a meal this past weekend.

Now really I do not say nice things about these semesters most of the time but one thing I know about them is that they are very hardworking. Yes, I Dr. Owl, can testify; most of them would not disclose what kind of jobs they do abroad but hmm, they suffer a lot before getting these pounds and Dollars in the Westerns Cities of Seattle and Birmingham among others; I swear this is the truth!

Do you know that some Gambians work for 16 hours stretch especially those in the US? So why should some lazy cheat in Kololi dupe such hardworking Gambians by fooling them into fake land deals to rob them of tens of thousands of dollars; honestly this is very sad!

That is why I shed tears when I overheard these two young Gambians, one from England and the other from the US discussing their personal encounters. The one from England was the first to complain that he sent money to a relative to buy land for him and all the transactions were done with signed documents from relevant authorities, only to find out upon arrival that the same land was earlier sold to another person who insists that the property belongs to him. With the lawyer charging half a million Dalasis as legal fees and thinking of the trouble of going through the courts, the British semester just decided to drop the ball and go back to England.

As if that was not sad enough, the one from the US said that he sent money to a registered Estate agent operating here in The Gambia; he paid for the full price of a plot of land, only to come home and realise that a court order was recently made ruling that the land belonged to someone else; and that the estate agency did not have any legal ownership of the land. By the time, he finished narrated his ordeal, he broke into tears because he said that the estate agency has refused to refund him his money.

How sad; these kind of conversations make me sad and sometimes even depressed; and that is why the previous week I decided to take a few drips of beer from an abandoned beer bottle on the roadside; by the time I went back to my nest in the Monkey Park at Kololi, I was so drunk, I did not go out of that forest for a whole week; hence my silence…

But I am back on my feet, and I will tell you everything happening around our hub.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Owl