As Real de Banjul Clocks 50: Ex-Scorpion Ebou Sillah Lauds his former...

As Real de Banjul Clocks 50: Ex-Scorpion Ebou Sillah Lauds his former Club


Former Real de Banjul football star, Ebou Sillah, who is currently in the country, has expressed delight as his former team clocks 50 years.

The former National team, Scorpions’ Captain who decided to retire from international football to concentrate on club commitments is in the country to handle some of his projects.

“Normally I was not supposed to come this time around because the season has just started, but I have some projects to do here in The Gambia. I spoke with my president there regarding the trip and he understands, then he gave me a few weeks to come over,” Sillah told Observer Light.

Ebou Sillah played for Real de Banjul in 1996 before travelling to Belgium to play for Daring Blankenberge. “I played at Real de Banjul for a half season, I couldn’t complete a full season because I had a chance to travel to Belgium to play for Daring Blankenberge before landing to Club Brugge in 1997.” He revealed.

During an exclusive interview with Observer Light, Ebou Sillah expressed delight that Real is celebrating 50 years, stating that Real de Banjul is one of the oldest teams in the country and he has to commend William Abraham, President of Real de Banjul and his entire team for doing their best for the team.

“What they are doing is good for the football of The Gambia. If teams like Wallidan, Hawks and other teams can do the same and to try to develop the football and to engage the young players, it would really be good,” he disclosed.

Sillah, however maintained that the fans should always come out and watch the games if their teams are playing, adding that it is not good for the football of The Gambia if lots of people are not coming out to watch the games.


“Because if you see everybody is talking about the Premier League or the Spanish League, it’s because they have their people coming to watch their games and I think Gambians should make time to come and watch the boys, I think that will help the football of Gambia. And I am as well praying for the National team of Gambia to do well in future and I hope they will one day make it to the African Cup of Nations ‘In Sha Allah’,” Sillah concluded.

By Hassan Jallow