Assailant Appeals for Court to Allow Him Apologise to Complainant

Assailant Appeals for Court to Allow Him Apologise to Complainant




An accused person who is defending himself in a charge of assault has asked the court to allow him to discuss with complainant to begged him for the matter to be settled out of court and to seek for his forgiveness.

Being tried before Magistrate Willison Davis at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, Lamin Sanneh is alleged to have unlawfully assaulted one Alagie Tijan Bah by giving several slaps on the face on 14th December 2015, at the MRC at Fajara. The act contravenes Section 227 of the Criminal Code of the laws of The Gambia.

The accused person made the appeal after the police prosecutor Sergeant Marreh announced the prosecution’s closure of their case.

The presiding magistrate through the court clerk informed the accused about the prosecution’s closure of their case and the need for him (the accused) to either open his defence or to remain silent which would pave the way for judgment.

Magistrate Davis drew his (the accused’s) attention to his plea of not guilty to the charge, which resulted in the hearing of the matter with reception of evidence from prosecution witnesses and the prosecution’s closure of their case.

According to the magistrate, if the accused had pleaded guilty to the charge as read to him on the first day of the trial, the court would have delivered judgment. He said the accused instead waited up to this level to ask for forgiveness from the complainant

The magistrate then told the accused to let the court hear from him, saying it is for the court to determine the matter and deliver judgment base on the merit of the case which the accused consented to.

The matter is adjourned to 5th October 2016 for the accused to open his defence.


by Sanna Jawara