Bakau, Sukuta Say Jammeh’s Victory is Inevitable

Bakau, Sukuta Say Jammeh’s Victory is Inevitable




The people of Bakau and Sukuta have remarked that President Jammeh’s victory is inevitable in tomorrow’s polls. The locals were speaking at two well-attended meetings in Bakau and Sukuta on Monday.

Ousman Rambo Jatta of Bakau said the people of Gambia wished God has brought President Jammeh since the time of Independence struggle as the country would have achieved its Silicon Valley by now.  He promised that he will forever remain loyal to APRC and will continue to promote the party on any platform available. “I am not turning back on what I am doing and people of Bakau are fully behind President Jammeh,” he told the meeting.

To those spreading news that he (Rambo) insulted the people of Bakau at one ward meeting recently, the seasoned politician vehemently refuted those claims.

Hon. Kalifa Jammeh of Bakau promised that Jammeh will sweep the polls this year, citing the unprecedented developments unshared in by the government.

Alkalo Alhaji Luntang Jaiteh of Bakau described President Jammeh as a God-fearing leader who Gambians cannot replace for any person. He commended Amadou Samba, Sheriff Bojang and Ousman Rambo Jatta for their commitment in successfully hosting the meeting.

Kumba Barry, Bakau constituency women mobiliser called on her fellow women to go early and vote for President Jammeh. She said the President had done a lot for women of Bakau over the years, citing the fencing of the women garden.

Sheriff Bojang, minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure said this election is one for the people to pay back the President form his good deeds for the Gambians. Victory, he said, is a foregone conclusion and President Jammeh will continue to work for the benefit of all Gambians. “Every vote is important and I urged all to go out and cast their votes for President Jammeh.”

Pamodou Mbowe, a Gambian based in the U.K. said they are not politicians but Gambians interested in the development and progress of the country.

Kawsu Cham, alkalo of Sukuta said the people of Sukuta will replicate what they are known for by voting massively for President Jammeh. “Gambians love President Jammeh today more than ever.”

Musa B. Susso, the deputy governor of West Coast Region, Sukuta head of yaay kompin Ara Jatta, Sukuta Ward councillor Ebrima Cham, and constituency chairman Dikori Ceesay, all promised a landslide victory for APRC in Sukuta.

Balla Garba Jahumpa, minister of Works and Transport revealed that in 2017 more communities will benefit from electricity and good road networks.

Bakau Meeting

Speaking at the Bakau meeting, Professor Jammeh, Babili Mansa applauded the people of Bakau for the rousing welcome. “I am a native of Bakau because I spent 10 years in Bakau.” President Jammeh said by the grace of Almighty Allah he will transform the coastal settlement to the envy of those leaving Bakau to stay in Brusubi.

He warned against any form of evil and ungodly acts, vowing to put an end to it. “I am a pure Muslim and I fear only God. Being President does not give anyone the license to insult people, but to look after the welfare of the people I rule,” he told Bakau in response to comments that he had once insulted the people of Bakau.

He advised the people of Bakau not to allow anyone or anything to come in between them and their peace and development. “Gambia will never be divided by tribes, have tribal conflicts and Gambians will never be racist because we are pure Muslims,” said President Jammeh.

To the APRC supporters, he advised them to distance themselves from any violence and not to listen to anyone who insults them. “You can campaign but lying won’t earn you anything positive. God preaches for people to desist from lying. Let us purify our hearts and wish each other well. Let us be content with whatever God gives us.”

To the young girls, President Jammeh urged them not to depend on anyone for their future wellbeing. He advised them to make best use of the social media and to avoid posting negative things of themselves. “The world is like a farmland because you reap what you grow.”

Sukuta Meeting

At the Sukuta meeting, President Jammeh thanked them for the warm welcome accorded to him and delegation, saying Sukuta was the first settlement to give him town citizenship. “I am not here for politics and if it was politics I won’t be here because I know what you stand for,” he told Sukutarians.

President Jammeh recalled that Sukuta was among the few settlements that were courageous to host his delegation during the transition period when things were tough.

While noting that not all his promises to the people of Sukuta have been met, Professor Jammeh vowed to do so by the grace of the Almighty Allah. “I will never betray the people of Sukuta and Gambia. Even whereas Sukuta was opposition I will work for you from the bottom of my heart and for the sake of Allah.”

He promised that be it end of 2017 or 2018, he said any time he returns to Sukuta the people won’t have any more requests.

Citing the numerous developments, he said it was a nightmare before 1994 for people to travel to Serekunda from Sukuta as a result of the poor road condition. “Today, a civil servant can leave Kartong and go to work in Banjul.”

by Alieu Ceesay & Musa Ndow