Ballack Coach, Bayern Central FC Rejoices in Manjai Nawettan Tournament



The head coach of Ballack FC, Boto Manneh and Kawsu Sanyang of Bayern Central FC were the latest teams’ coaches to rejoice after beating their respective opponents, Brusubi Phase 2 and Brusubi Pak Food in the league quarterfinal stages.

Both teams have made an amendment to their previous league and knockout encounters as they both (Ballack FC and Bayern Central) book their place to the semifinal of the league tournament, in games played at the Manjai Father Gough Complex.

Ballack FC side was on Wednesday advance after a 3-2 post-match penalty shootout win following a stalemate in the regulation period.

In the late encounter on Wednesday, Bayern Central FC also eliminated Brusubi Pak Food after a 4-2 post-match penalty shootout win in the league quarterfinal match.

The Ballack head coach Boto Manneh expressed to Observer Sports how delighted he was with his side brilliant performances during the game, while urging their fans for their unflinching supports.

Meanwhile, the head coach of Bayern Central could be reach for a post-match interview.

by Hadang Daffeh


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