Banjul-Ankara Ties

Banjul-Ankara Ties


The two countries might have opened embassies in each other’s country in a little under half a decade but relations between Banjul and Ankara is moving from strength to strength.

A point in case was July 15 when a scandalous faction of the Turkish military attempted to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Edorgan, The Gambia was among the first to show solitary with its ally and that gesture is deeply appreciated by Ankara.

It is therefore, no surprise that Ankara has disclosed plans to increase its investment in Banjul especially in the areas of trade and commerce, health, communication, capacity building and the media amongst a host others. This is indeed a welcome move   because aside from the political commitment, The Gambia among other things can also boost of fertile land that can be utilised meaningfully for agricultural purpose, serving as a potential investment area and thus adding to agriculture’s contribution to our GDP.

The Gambia-Turkey ties have come a long way because the two countries built its diplomatic relations based on mutual benefit and respect for one another and as a result, Banjul and Ankara continues to enjoy close relationships. The relationship keeps on growing, progressing and diversifying in all spheres. In the international arena as well, both countries stand by each other and as well support each other in all aspects of development.

Turkey has also supported The Gambia government and its citizens in various sectors and among them include areas of trainings, scholarships and formal education. The Turkish Armed Forces also continue to support the country to enable The Gambia Armed Forces.

Therefore, as Ankara reaffirmed its commitment to the relations, we would also like to congratulate the leaders of these two countries for their political commitments to the strengthening of the ties and as well welcome the potential investments.