Banjul APRC Elders Discuss Overwhelming Victory Plans for Jammeh

Banjul APRC Elders Discuss Overwhelming Victory Plans for Jammeh




The APRC Council of Elders of Banjul over the weekend converged at the Banjul City Council ground to discuss plans that would enable His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa secure an overwhelming victory in the city.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in an interview shortly after the day-long synergy, Ousman Basi Conateh, widely known by his sobriquet Fisco, who is the Chairman of the Council of Elders of APRC in Banjul, described President Jammeh as a winner and affirmed that the purpose of the meeting was for them to discuss how President Jammeh would get an overwhelming victory in Banjul.

“Because we as Banjulians should also acquaint ourselves with what the Gambian leader is doing for us and has done for us since he came to the helm of affairs of this country 22 years ago,” Uncle Fisco, as he is fondly called, said.

According to him, the elders of Banjul felt it necessary to come up with this important meeting in order to map out strategies for the coming Presidential Election, adding that they want to pay back President Jammeh of what he has done for them.

“This meeting will give us the opportunity to form a strong elders’ committee within the city because we are the fathers to the future leaders of Banjul and the country in general. That being the case we should inculcate in them (children) what President Jammeh has done for us as a city,” OB Conateh said.

He promised that before the December Presidential Election, meetings of this nature would henceforth be organised by his Council in collaboration with the BCC so that Banjul can come first in the December polls.

He further called on Banjulians especially the youth to come out massively during the election to cast their votes to President Jammeh.

The Lord Mayor of Banjul, Alhaji Abdoulie Bah, commended Fisco Conateh and his Committee for their good move, noting that this is the only way that can move the city forward. “From now on, similar meetings would be forthcoming to discuss how Banjul elders would draw plans politically to make sure the APRC party leads overwhelmingly in all elections coming ahead,” Mayor Bah concluded.

The National Assembly Member for Banjul North, Hon. Alhaji Sillah, described the meeting as important, adding that it came at a right time for the city, noting that as elders of the city, they do play a vital role in any elections because elders are their fathers, uncles, and stepfathers.

According to the Banjul North NAM, elections are important. He said the people of Banjul have already structured the wards and re-enforced the constituency committees and others.

The Minister of Trade, and the APRC Liaison Officer for Banjul, Hon. Abdou Jobe, thanked OB Conateh for his love for President Jammeh, and the Committee for organising such an important convergence.


by Lamin B. Darboe