Banjul Central Vows to Remain Loyal to APRC

Banjul Central Vows to Remain Loyal to APRC




The people of Banjul Central have made it clear that in no uncertain terms  will they ever betray the trust they have for President Jammeh and his government; rather they would remain loyal and committed to the leadership of the country.

This declaration was made last Saturday at 36 Peel Street during a consultative meeting organised by the Constituency’s APRC executive committee which seeks to ensure a landslide victory for the incumbent in the December polls.

Speaking at the meeting, the NAM for the Constituency, Hon. Abdoulie Saine said Banjulinas are one people and one family since the colonial days, noting that they are united and ready to support President Jammeh. “We the Banjulians are\ fully behind President Jammeh and the APRC party and we are ready to vote for APRC in the upcoming presidential election,” he said.

He went on to stress that Banjul is a stronghold for APRC and that its people have seen the development projects ushered in by the Second Republic.

Ajie Ndey Dumbuya, a member of the Banjul Yai Compin, affirmed that since 1994 the women of Banjul have been behind President Jammeh. According to her, victory for the President in the upcoming election is unquestionable.

Neneh Ngum, a party militant assured that the youth of Banjul remain loyal to APRC because they have seen the developments and life-changing opportunities brought to them by the President. She noted that young people have a big role to play in the development of the country and the APRC in general.

Deputising for the lord Mayor of Banjul, Alhaji Tamu Nyang told the gathering that Banjulians, and Gambians in general should be grateful to Allah SWT for giving them a leader like President Jammeh, thus, urging the people to rally behind him and support him in his development agenda. He said The Gambia today and before are quite different, noting that there is development everywhere.

Mbye Gaye, a Gambian artiste, expressed profound gratitude and thanks to the Gambian leader for the numerous developments brought to Gambians and for his personal contribution in his life.

He said the President has sponsored him for his oversees medical treatment which allowed him to regain his normal health after which he also sponsored him to perform the fifth pillar of Islam in Mecca, the hajj.

Alhaji Momodou Njie, Biri, Chairperson of the APRC Banjul committee stated that people have truly   distinguished between those who can bring development and those who want backwardness.

He said the Second Republic has brought transformations in the lives of the people.

Njie advised the people to avoid any political tension during and after the election.

Other speakers included Rohey Trawally and Alhagie Faye, the Chairperson of the executive committee of APRC Banjul Central.

Faye assured the loyalty and support of his Constituency to the leadership of the country.

by Alhagie  Babou Jallow