Banjul Confers Honorary Citizenship on 2 Belgians

Banjul Confers Honorary Citizenship on 2 Belgians




The Banjul City Council  (BCC)  Wednesday conferred honorary citizenships of Banjul on Tom Gremonpre and Peter Vamslambrouck. They’ve been conferred for their immense contribution to the level that the Banjul and Oostende City Council links have reached.

The ceremony, which brought together students from both Belgium and The Gambia, was also witnessed by members of the Belgian Navy Ship Godetia A960 and friends from the Oostende City Council.

Speaking at the occasion, the mayor of Banjul, Abdoulie Bah informed that the link between BCC and Oostende City clocked ten years of friendship this year. According to him, in 2013 after he was elected into office, he reactivated the link to be more vibrant to bring the two cities closer.

“Almost all the cleansing materials are donated by Oostende     City Council and just recently they approved a letter to support our ice plant to renovate it and upgrade it to a standard ice plant facility; we also agreed that from this ice plant BCC can raise money to pay its electricity bills,” Mayor Bah disclosed.

He thanked the Navy Men of Godetia A960 who have been instrumental in transporting to Banjul important educational and health related items for the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and schools in the city.

Speaking earlier, Mustapha Bachilly the chief executive officer of BCC highlighted the significance of the link between the two cities, while commending Peter and Tom whom he described as special friends of Banjul.

“We have a very genuine friendship and it is attested internationally, our partnership has gone beyond mere link but aspiring role models because cities around the world are emulating us,” Bachilly stated.

Speaking on behalf of Oostende City Council, Tom Gremonpre expressed delightful in witnessing 10 years of genuine friendship between the people of the two cities. He spoke extensively on the mutual friendship between the two cities, describing the peoples of the two cities as one family.

He extended thanks and appreciation from the people of Oostende through the mayor to the people of Banjul, while presenting a present from the people of Oostende to the mayor of Banjul.

Ousman Jobe the link coordinator and Sandigie Njie the public relations officer of BCC all commended the link between the two cities.

by Samba Jawo & Fatoumatta Saidykhan