Basse River Floods, RDMC Coordinator Issues Alert


The Regional Disaster Management Coordinator (RDMC) for the Upper River Region, Mawdo Amadou Jallow, has issued an alert for businesses and women around the Basse River to start evacuating as the river continues to flood.

BASSE RIVER 2The Daily Observer’s URR correspondent, who visited the riverside on Sunday morning, said crossing has become difficult for the ferry and canoes that use the river to cross from Basse and Kerewan Badala. He added that even the wharf in the river has submerged.

The RDMC Coordinator for URR, who was later interviewed by our reporter, stated that the river bank is used to occasional flooding, but said it happens at an interval of 10 years, but said this trend has changed due to spillover effects.

The flooding of the river, he added, is as a result of the runaway of water coming from neighboring country Senegal through Dibiru around Demba Kunda both in the Jimara District, Sare Alpha in the Tumana District and runaway of water coming from Bolibanna in the Kantora District of URR. He added that the heavy downpour is also to blame for the flooding.

He said what makes the situation more serious is the fact that people have used the riverbank so much because of the population momentum taken into account that people are constructing up to the riverside.

Mr. Jallow disclosed that the government of The Gambia has spent more than one million dalasi to remedy the situation, but said people’s attitude towards turning the site as a dumping place is another factor related to the floods.


When asked what are some of the effects that the floods pose to our communities, he said whenever the riverbank is flooding Madina Kaba Kama is always affected by water contamination. He added that his office has issued an alert for people doing business around the area to start evacuating.

“Similar incident happened last year which affected business communities around the area and crossing was another problem for inhabitants crossing from Kerewan Badala to Basse for their daily businesses,” he said, noting that if another heavy downpour occurs these days the trend may continue and the situation could become worse.

by Momodou Jawo in Basse, URR


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