Basse to be Transformed to Regional Trade Hub

Basse to be Transformed to Regional Trade Hub

The President has promised to transform Basse into a second to none regional trade hub. He made the promise in Basse while addressing thousands of APRC supporters and loyalists on Saturday November 19.

“Basse Inshallah will be transformed to a regional capital for the whole of West African region and I think you have seen the signs of it, whether you vote for me or not I am going to do my job to please the almighty Allah,” His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhai Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa told a cheering crowd.

“1994 when I told you that Basse would be a capital, you will have electricity, water and the roads some of you thought that I was crazy. Today you have electricity and that is just a tip of the iceberg, you have not seen all that I have promised you yet.”

At this juncture, the President posed a question to the cheering crowd. He asked them, “Did I ever promise you any project that has not been fulfilled from 1994 to date? The cheering crowd responded there was none. “You are the people who betrayed me but I will never betray you. I have fulfilled all that I promised you didn’t I?” The crowd responded again, you did Your Excellency. “I have been telling you that the world is three days; that is yesterday today and tomorrow. Whether you vote for me or not I am going to do my job to please the Almighty Allah.”

bassse-to-beThe President also threw words of caution to the people of URR to vote wherever they want but must avoid violence. “Don’t get involve in violence because if you get involved in it you will not survive it. Vote and go home. We spend a lot of money to give you voters’ cards so we must vote,” he further told the crowd.

On tribalism the President again used his URR meeting to call on the people to be mindful of tribalism, something he strongly denounced and described as an ungodly practice.

Speaking earlier, the alkalo of Basse, Sellu Bah said the President has fulfilled all his promises to the people of Basse and URR. He thus urged the people of Basse and URR to equally fulfill their promises by voting massively for the development-oriented leader. “We should not allow anyone to mislead us because we have seen the development ushered in by the advent of the 22nd July Revolution,” said the former Basse lawmaker.

Alhaji Mawdo Suso, APRC regional youth mobiliser described President Jammeh as a super express for development and a man of peace, assuring that the youth of URR are firmly behind him and the great APRC Party. “The youth of The Gambia will not turn their back to their leader who has inculcated the spirit of patriotism and handwork in us. We will not compromise a visionary leader like President Jammeh no matter what,” Susso told the meeting.

Aja Neneh Darboe, regional women mobiliser said the women of URR are quite aware of the positive changes President Jammeh has made in their lives. She recalled that the people of Basse used to buy ice block for D50, which is now history as a result of the uninterrupted electricity supply. “Life is better for rural women as a result of the labour-saving devices brought by the government.”

Aja Isatou Jiffanga-Jarju, APRC national women mobiliser commended the people of URR for being behind President Jammeh always and urged them to keep the momentum by voting overwhelmingly for the APRC party next month. “We should not allow anyone to mislead us because there are more developments coming for you [people of URR].”

According to her, people of URR are conscious people and they will not replace Jammeh for people she describe as “power-hungry”.

Alhaji Kibilly Jaguraga, representative of the council of elders; Alhaji Bajoko Dukureh, APRC regional chairman; and Governor Omar Sampo Ceesay, all commended the President and his government for positively transforming the lives and livelihood of every Gambian irrespective of political affiliation and location.

by Musa Ndow & Alieu Ceesay on Tour