Be Mindful of the Detractors

Be Mindful of the Detractors


A Gambian based in the United Kingdom has urged his counterparts in the Diaspora on the need to be mindful of the so-called opponents of the Government bent on sullying the hard earned reputation of the country.

Ebrima Manneh is very much spot on when he described this people as those bent on seeing this beautiful country in tatters. These are people who wouldn’t stop at anything to achieve their selfish desires and for the past 22 years, they have used every weapon in their arsenal to smear the image of the country and the President but this hatred against the leadership of the country has only gone to make the authorities stronger in their unqualified commitment to further develop this country.

There will always be detractors motivated by several agendas and admittedly there is nothing wrong in being an opposition but the criticism levied against others should be constructive and not driven by personal vendetta. Some of these so called critics were part of the Government but because they cannot come to terms with the fact of the privileges they’ve lost, they decided to jump ship and are today directing diatribe against the same system they served: be your own judge then.

The Gambia has made significant gains in all facets of our national development during the two decades of the APRC Government and that records are there for everyone to see because they continue to make a positive impact on the daily lives of Gambians and non-Gambians alike.

The choice is yours to continue to live in illusion that you can sully the international image of The Gambia or to repent and join the bandwagon of development. The Gambia belongs to us and no one would come from the outside to develop it for us but again every effort to tarnish the image of the country wouldn’t only be exposed but would also be ridiculed and humiliated.