Be Wary of Hard-line Dissidents

Be Wary of Hard-line Dissidents


With barely three months before Gambians return to the polls to elect in a new president who would then be given the mandate to govern the affairs of the country for another five-year term, it is becoming clearer who the pretenders vying for the presidency are.

During the past 22 years, the architect of the July 22nd Revolution, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa, remains committed to the development of this country in all spheres of national development and today Gambians have witnessed unprecedented developments strides brought to them by Professor Jammeh. Giving him another five years, which isn’t in doubt, In Sha Allah, we would be able to consolidate on those gains.

It is this developments and the President’s love for the country and people of The Gambia, citizens continue to give him renewed mandates at an exponentially increasing percentage since the 1996 elections and the 2016 polls by the Grace of the Almighty Allah wouldn’t be an exception.

But just because certain people among Gambians, mainly those based in the Diaspora, are frustrated by their inability to convince the electorates to vote for them, they have continually resorted to violence means to effect a political change in The Gambia; it is not going to happen.

So as stated by Samsudeen Sarr, the Gambia’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations, those newcomers in the political landscape of The Gambia should be very wary with the kind of people they are dealing with because the sovereignty and security of this country cannot be compromised. Imagine the dire consequences if the perpetrators of the December 30 terrorist attack succeeded with their evil intentions, and other heinous crimes committed by the enemies of this country who called themselves Gambians.

Therefore, we are calling on those wishing for a leadership change to use the opportunity created by the elections to sell their political agenda to the electorate. We cannot allow few evils to destroy what the President has labored to build throughout the last 22 years.