Berewuleng F.C:  Brikama’s Greatest Nawettan Team

Berewuleng F.C:  Brikama’s Greatest Nawettan Team

Berewuleng Football Club being one of the greatest and oldest teams in Brikama has registered a lot of breakthroughs since its establishment.

The team, which was founded many years ago, was named after one of the streets of Brikama. It was revitalised in 1990 by the youth of the area and was blessed with a council of elders which was set up to empower the boys.

Being a club with a great history, Bere, as it is commonly called, won nearly twenty trophies since inception. The side won its first trophy against Sere Stars F.C in the 1991 Newattan season of Brikama, after it was eliminated in the quarterfinal stage in the 1990 season. Through hard work and commitment, the club continued to win trophies until 1998 when it recorded its biggest breakthrough by winning the entire four trophies on offer that season; the Super Cup, Knockout Cup, Newattan and Cup Winners Cup. That season is believed to be the best football year for Berewuleng.

In 2002, a new management took over the team. Taking up the challenge, the new leadership injected more energy into the team, giving reasons to gain more fans, which increased its popularity in Brikama and beyond.

Through the support of Basirou I.K Barjo, Berewuleng happened to be the first and probably the only team in The Gambia to have names of players on their jerseys during domestic games.

“Victory is always ours” being the motto of the team, Berewuleng is known to be the team that won the highest number of trophies in Brikama. History has also revealed that the team is the only winner of the Cup winners’ cup in Brikama.

The side is among the few clubs in Brikama that have produced players for the various national team categories of The Gambia. Kamal Ndow, Lamin Findi Jammeh (Raul), Bun Sanneh, Buba Findi Jammeh (Findi), Dembo Manneh (Uncle) and many more were all products of Bere who played for the Scorpions. Dembo Sonko Bojang of Zeneth Bank is recommended to be the all-time highest goal scorer of the team.

Alh Sering Ceesay, Bai Modou Sengore of Central Bank, Batou, and many others were strong supporters of the team in various aspects.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh