Blackpool, Pencha Reach Last 8 in West Knockout

Blackpool, Pencha Reach Last 8 in West Knockout




Pencha and Blackpool have confirmedtheir places in the quarterfinals of the SK West Modou Inna Sey Memorial Knockout Trophy following respective wins over Old Jeshwang and Pipeline on Tuesday evening.                                        

Pencha defeated Old Jeshwang in the 3pm game, while Blackpool eliminated a shambolic Pipeline side 2-0 courtesy of Alhasana Camara and Sainey Colley in the 21st and 30th minutes.

In a post-match interview with Observer Sports, Matarr Ceesay, head coach of Old Jeshwang told Observer Sports that he accepted the defeat in good faith. He however, blamed his players for the numerous wasted chances, which could have earned them a convincing win.

Babucarr Koma, head coach of the winning Pencha was quite an elated coach while commending his players for the good display.

He assured that Pencha will make it to the finals and urged on the fans to keep cheering the team.

by Fatou Trawally &

Fatou Gassama