Bobo Diimo to Launch Debut EP

Bobo Diimo to Launch Debut EP



Rising Gambian artiste, Bobo Diimo will launch his debut EP, Laawol, on 22 October at the Alliance Francaise, according to reports reaching What’s On.

The promotional tracks from Laawol (which translates to ‘journey’) are ‘Diimo Si Hewti’, ‘Under my Skin’ and ‘Ngminjombata’. It was produced by GSC records based in the UK under the supervision of Chief Executive Officer Malang Fatty, one of The Gambia’s finest producers.

Bobo Diimo told journalists that the EP, which has six tracks and two videos, follows the journey of his music career ahead of a debut album.

“We want to give a taste to the audience. After that we will work on an album. I want to take my culture and blend it into modern music, as our culture is our own and we need to embrace it,” he stated.

Speaking about the artiste, Doctor P of the Gambian chapter of GSC Records said: “We are working with Bobo Diimo as our headline artiste and this is our first project. We want to add value to the Gambian music industry. We are currently recording lots of Gambian artists both home and abroad, and are hoping to bring lot of them onboard.”

Doctor P also spoke about a forthcoming album from Bobo Diimo. “Immediately after the EP launching,” he said, “we will be working on an album in 2017.”

Most of these guest artists will be backed by the Tafa and Fateleku band. The launch of the album will attract guest artists including Royal Messenger, Sophia, Amiru, Kerr Gi Family, Jizzle, Pap G, Fula Manding, Maha D Hammer, A2, Vypa, Silky Criss and Rasta Djalone.