Boosting Our National Security

Boosting Our National Security



The Gambia government, just like any other sovereign state, has and continues to put in the right level of security to ensure its citizens are free from any threat of danger, damage, theft or crime. Therefore, any effort towards supporting that objective should be commended no matter the level.

In today’s edition, one of our leading stories is the D24,600 donation by the Basse Area Council (BSAC) to a newly established PIU camp in Makamasireh village in the Wulli East District of the Upper River Region meant to purchase some needed materials to boost the operations of the said camp. The establishment of the said camp was necessitated after the brutal armed robbery in the village that claimed the life of a young family man a couple of months ago.

As stated by the regional governor, the significance of security towards national development cannot be overemphasised because no nation can achieve its development aspirations in the absence of peace and security. The Gambia government is very conscious of this fact and the leadership of the country has ensured that every Gambian, irrespective of his or her political or tribal affiliation, sleeps well in a peaceful manner.

As a result, The Gambia is among the few countries in the world that has a very low crime rate. The Makamasireh episode is an isolated case but that’s more reason we would like to commend the authorities for the swift response taken with an attempt to halt such occurrences.

Therefore, the donation, despite the amount, would go a long way in enhancing the operations of the camp and we would want to believe that it would spur on other institutions and individuals to extend a helping hand.

The revelation that police would now also offer 24 hours patrol in the community is indeed welcome because it would help to curb such violent behaviour in the region and the country at large.