ChildFund Alumni Set for Community Visit

ChildFund Alumni Set for Community Visit




The ChildFund Alumni Association (CFAA) an association established to promote the welfare of sponsored and enrolled children is set to embark on a farmilarisation visit to all their local partners working with the ChildFund The Gambia.

Speaking at a meeting held at the ChildFund’s National Office, Alasana Badjie, the chairperson of the association, said the main aim of the association is to increase awareness on ChildFund’s areas of intervention in the country.

“Mobilising resources to support projects within the communities, participate and contribute in enhancing ChildFund sponsorship programme, is indeed a great concern for the association,’’ he said.

He maintained that working with communities where ChildFund is operating is one of the aims of the association as it will foster closer relationship between ex-sponsored children and their sponsors.

Badjie emphasised that creating employment opportunities for the former sponsored children through skills acquisition is indeed vital.

Abubacarr Drammeh, the Secretary-General of the association, posited that volunteerism is all about commitment and dedication and that it is the responsibility of members to play their quota towards the betterment of the association and their partners within their communities.

‘’Any responsibility goes with authority, and we should all endeavour to play our respective parts towards the development of both parties,’’ he said.

Assan Jatta, the assurance officer, said serving one’s community is the best humanitarian service expected of any responsible individual.

He added; “As young people we are the hope and future  in our communities and we all have to come together to work in partnership in order to achieve our aims and objectives,” he stated.

Jonsaba Manga, Katim Touray, Arokey Sanyang, David Gomez, Metta Bah all lauded the members of the association for their foresight and dedication, while also saluting ChildFund The Gambia for their high sense of humanity and support to the association.

by Aji Fatou Lemon