Children Exhibit Talent, Thrill Audience at OSCF Gala Dinner

Children Exhibit Talent, Thrill Audience at OSCF Gala Dinner




The Operation Save the Children Foundation (OSCF) has held it’s first ever fundraising gala dinner characterised by a scintillating performance by students from the Amadou Bansang Jobarteh Music School and Shining Stars of The Gambia from Ebunjang Theatre.

It was a stellar performance watched by scores of guests from various sectors in the country, as well as some Lebanese and Arab residents in The Gambia amongst others.

They were also thrilled by the wonderful performance of a famous Arab singer Hafid Douzi, prodigious singer of Rai. He is a very popular singer across North Africa, having become well known since his early age when he sang his first song  about mother, “Goulou Lmumti Tjini”. The only female kora virtuso, Sona Jobarteh also performed at the event characterised a fashion show.

chdren-exhibit-2Prior to their performance, a documentary on Her Excellency the First Lady’s Operation Save the Children Foundation was played. The documentary featured the various interventions by the Foundation which has impacted positively on the lives of many Gambians particularly children and women; from the supporting of the children on special needs to  the promotion of cancer prevention programmes, the provision of scholarships to the less privileged and sponsorship for overseas medical treatment for women and children.

It is a fact that the Operation Save the Children Foundation has now made its name in the history books of The Gambia under the patronage of First Lady Jammeh who has proven to be more than a mother to The Gambia and has remained steadfast over the years to a cause so dear to her and that of her husband.

by Musa Ndow