Claims of a Rousing Welcome for Mamma Kandeh in Bakau Refuted

Claims of a Rousing Welcome for Mamma Kandeh in Bakau Refuted




The Mayor of Kanifing Municipality (KM), Alh.Yankuba Colley, and the militants of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) in Bakau have in the strongest possible terms refuted claims that the leader of the newly formed political party, The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), was accorded a warm welcome as he staged a meeting in the town on Saturday.

The KM Mayor and Mobiliser of the party, said that Mamma Kandeh, the leader of GDC is not a potential threat to the APRC and that he is just making noise, but shaking nothing at all. “Mamma is a betrayal to the APRC,” he said. “He left APRC and went and formed his own party. So he has nothing to say against APRC.”

Mayor Colley further argued that Mr. Kandeh’s formation of his own political party is a blessing in disguise for the APRC as it would create an avenue for the Party to have a landslide victory in December 2016. He said that Mr. Kandeh was disgruntled as a result of APRC’s democratic nature in its choice of candidates. Kandeh, he added, was not chosen by his own people within the party, which made him disgruntled and thereby left the Party.

“So he has nothing to say against us. Oppositions are not a threat to the APRC,” he said. “And this time it will be worst for them because Gambians don’t trust them. Politics is not just about falsification, it’s about reality.”

He described the APRC as a well-structured political party, noting that things are not decided by an individual, making reference to other political parties, which he said are currently in leadership crisis.

Kumba Barry, the Women Mobiliser in Bakau equally refuted claims that Mama Kandeh was accorded rapturous welcome in the town, saying it was misleading information. “No APRC militant follows Mamma in Bakau,” she said. “He came with his own people and vehicles.”

She gave assurance that the people of Bakau remain loyal to the APRC and its leader. She added that the people of Bakau are very grateful to the President, putting into account the strings of developments particularly in the area of education brought to their doorsteps.

The Bakau Deputy Youth Mobiliser and Vice Chairman of its Development Committee, Alagie Muneru P. Tanjikora, said Mr. Kandeh’s meeting in Bakau could not be described as successful because the people of Bakau did not come out.

“The claim of being rousingly welcome in Bakau is misleading and we want to assure the people that his coming in Bakau was not a welcome one,” he said. “We the youths want to assure the President of our unflinching loyalty and we are forever behind him.”

Kaddy Dibba, Youth Mobiliser, Bakau New Town Ward, said no opposition has a ground in New Town, arguing that the claims of a rousing welcome for Mama Kandeh were fake and sham. She added that Mama Kandeh’s formation of his political party is not a threattto the APRC, as the youths remain loyal to the APRC and the President. “The President has done a lot for us in Bakau from the fishing industry to horticulture and education.”

by Bekai Njie