Clearing Agent Testifies in Civil Suit   


A clearing and forwarding agent last week testified before Magistrate Faal at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court in a civil suit involving Sanna Gibba (defendant), one Daniel (plaintiff) from the United Kingdom.

Yaya Sanyang a resident of Kiti Village, recalled that there was a day the defendant (Sanna Gibba) called and informed him about his decision to buy a chain saw machine and he requested for his company to purchase it. He said he told Sanna that he was busy and would not be able to accompany him to buy the machine.

He said the defendant purchased the machine and started using it, in the course of which the defendant gave him (witness) the sum of D25, 000 for safekeeping.

The witness said after the plaintiff (Daniel) arrived in The Gambia, the defendant came with him to the village, where he said he (witness) handed him the said D25, 000 and the defendant gave it to the plaintiff before they both left for Sergis Hotel, where the plaintiff was lodged.

The witness recalled another occasion when the defendant gave him the sum of D10, 000 for safe keeping and the collection of the said money from him by the defendant to send it to the plaintiff in UK. “The defendant collected the D10, 000 from me on the grounds that he was sending it to the plaintiff in the UK because the plaintiff said he was not working at the time. I personally accompanied the defendant to a Western Union money transfer centre in Serekunda, where he sent the money to the plaintiff,” he told the court.

He testified that some time later, the defendant called and informed him that he was arrested and detained at Serekunda police station. He said he visited the defendant at the police station but could not secure a bail for him as it was during weekend. “The defendant told me that the plaintiff’s father lodged a complaint at the police that he (the father) bought a machine for the defendant and he was demanding it back. I advised the defendant to give the machine to the plaintiff’s father and inform the plaintiff about his father’s request for the machine with the police report, to which the defendant complied,” the witness said.

The case is adjourned for continuation

by Sanna Jawara


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