Community Radios are a Tool for Development

Community Radios are a Tool for Development



The national coordinator of the Network of Community Radios The Gambia, Yusupha Bojang has said that the historical philosophy of community radio is to use the medium as a  mouthpiece for the rural communities and generally as a tool for development.

He said that community radio is defined as having three aspects: non-profit making, community ownership and control, community participation.

Speaking recently in an interview with the Daily Observer on the importance of Community Radios, Bojang stressed that it should be made clear that community radio is not about doing something for the community, but is about the community doing something for itself, such as owning and controlling its own means of communication.

“Community radios are radio stations that see themselves as an integral part of the community in which they participate and they become an essential tool for community’s development whereby communities can recognise themselves” he noted.

According to him, community radios are the best standard-bearers of “our culture” as as they brings the community closer to the people.

He underscored the importance of training local producers in the country, noting that with training, local producers can create interesting programmes using local voices.

This, he added will enable community’s active participation in the management and also accord people to have a say in the schedules and content of commmunity radios.

Bojang commended Media Agenda for not only building the capacity of community radio broadcasters, but also providing them with useful materials to enhance staff performance.

by Aji Fatou Lemon