Construction Work at Lamin Koto-Passimas Road Begins

Construction Work at Lamin Koto-Passimas Road Begins




Construction work for phase one of the 122km Lamin Koto-Passimas road project has finally got underway in the Central River Region north. Works at the site has already reached Karantaba Duto Koto, 42kilometres from the main starting point of Lamin Koto village.

Speaking in a Daily Observer interview at the construction site, Mam Demba Jallow the chief of Sami said: “We are very happy to see the commencement of the long awaited road.”

According to Chief Jallow, the people of his District are very pleased with His Excellency the President and his government for putting the interest of his people at heart.

“All the people in the District really embrace it and we are very happy to witness the construction of the road because this road was the much talked about before I was even born but with President Jammeh’s government the construction of the road commenced in earnest,” he said, adding that work started three months ago.

He lauded the government for the construction of the road, adding that if the road is completed it would open up new business opportunities for the people of the region; facilitate easy access to major health facilities in the region; and facilitate movement of farmers and traders to major ‘Lumos’ in the region.

The alkalo of Karantaba Wollof, Omar Sallah said the completion of the road would ease the movement of people and goods within and outside the district. “When we see that the construction of the road is finally in progress we informed the regional governor to tell President Jammeh not to come for campaign because Lamin Koto-Passimas road is something that will make him win massively in Sami,” Alkalo Sallah informed.

The alkalo of Ranirou village, Haruna Sinyan also expressed profound gratitude to President Jammeh for the concern he has for the people of Sami and URR, noting that the Lamin Koto-Passimas road is an important road in the country.

“But let me appeal to the government also to consider constructing the feeder road linking from Bush Town to Kalem Jawo junction in order to have easy access to both health care needs and other social needs in Bansang,” Sinyan said.

He further informed this medium that his village is located at the border which is 4kms from the main highway of Lamin Koto-Passimas road and 3km from Senegal, thus it is cut off from the rest of the Sami District, especially during raining seasons.

Kumba Sallah from Ranioru village described the construction of the Lamin Koto-Passimas road as timely, adding that they (the women) suffer much when they want to go to Bansang Hospital for medical appointments.

by Lamin B. Darboe