Continuous Flooding of River Gambia Affects Businesses in Basse

Continuous Flooding of River Gambia Affects Businesses in Basse




Some shop owners in Basse, the administrative capital of the Upper River Region, have been forced to close their businesses as the  River Gambia continue to flood at an exponential rate.

continuousThe floods, caused by the heavy downpour, do not only affect the business communities but also the people using the River for crossing from Basse to Kerewan Badala in the Wulli West District of the same region.

This reporter, who visited the riverside on Monday morning, said the Medical Research Council Basse Field Station is also affected. He added that most of the Field Station staff that uses their motorcycles to get to work couldn’t access the camp because of the high flow of water.

Their motorbikes were packed around the Basse Garage which is an estimated 1.5km away from the said camp. The reporter added that the canoes that uses the wharf to cross the river are been forced to move to the other side of the river close to the Basse Market in order to enable them to access goods and people  for their daily businesses.

Business communities in Wulli are now using donkey carts to transport some of their merchandise particularly sugars and rice.

The Regional Disaster Management Coordinator for the Region, Mawdo Amadou Jallow, who spoke to the Daily Observer in an interview this week, lamented the current situation of the river.

He said that as far as the rain continue at the current rate, the situation may be aggravated; adding that before things get back to normal, it would be around October when the rains would’ve subsided.

by Momodou Jawo in Basse, URR