Court Orders for Urgent Medical Treatment to Accused

Court Orders for Urgent Medical Treatment to Accused




Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, Tuesday made an order for the Director of Prison to facilitate for an urgent medical attention for one Babucarr Makaso, a man who is facing two-count accusation of impersonating a public officer and attempted felony, which he denied responsibility of.

The magistrate made the order when Makaso told the court that his health condition is not allowing him to stand trial. His declaration constitutes the second appeal in two consecutive adjournment dates.

The accused told the court that his sickness is around his private part, where he said he feels continuous pain and cannot stand for trial with that pain. He further applied for the court to grant an order for him to be taken to the hospital for proper medical care.

The presiding magistrate granted his application and ordered for him to be accorded medical attention. The magistrate added that the court would have granted bail to the accused but his criminal record before the court caused him to be remanded.

When the case was first mentioned, the prosecuting officer Assistant Superintendent Singhateh objected to the granting of bail to the accused person on the grounds that he (accused) is facing two other criminal charges on attempted rape and impersonating a public officer. He expressed fear that the accused is likely to commit similar offences should the court grant him bail.

by Meita Touray