Court to Deliver Judgement in Bissau Guinean’s Visa Deal Case

Court to Deliver Judgement in Bissau Guinean’s Visa Deal Case



Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court is expected to deliver judgement in the case of Ebrima Gassama, a Guinea Bissau national who is facing a civil suit for failing to secure a valid United Kingdom visa for Beatrice Badjie today.

Madam Badjie (plaintiff) filed the civil suit against Gassama claiming a refund of D154, 000 being the money Gassama requested from her on the claim that he would secure her a UK visa. The plaintiff said she already paid the said sum to the defendant in cash, plus other entitlements.

The setting of the case for judgment came after the defendant ended his evidence in yesterday’s sitting in which he accepted liability of the plaintiff’s claim.

Gassama in his evidence yesterday identified himself as a businessman who is involved in buying and selling of vehicles and refrigerators from The Gambia to Guinea Bissau. He said the plaintiff (Beatrice Badjie) is his relative who once approached and requested him to assist her to travel.

He said he introduced Badjie to one of his Senegalese friends who was at that time residing in The Gambia. He said the plaintiff and his (Gassama’s) friend later exchanged telephone contacts and agreed on a price of D154, 000. “I became a witness between the two from the beginning of the transaction. Whatever money is paid has to pass through me. I am the witness and the guarantor,” Gassama said.

He said his friend was in Dakar when he sent him a photocopy of the Visa and he (Gassama) went to the Plaintiff and she gave him D100 to print the photocopied Visa which, he said he did and handed it to the plaintiff. “When I was taken to the Police Station, I pleaded to the Plaintiff to give me 3 months to pay back her money. I was ready to pay the money as I am the guarantor, witness and the mediator between the two. I am appealing with the court to allow me pay on instalment.”

Magistrate Abeke however said what is admitted needs no further proof, saying  the court shall proceed to judgment in the case since the defendant has admitted liability of the claim. He sighted Section 75 of the Evidence Act to support his statement.

The case is adjourned to today for judgment.


by Meita Touray