CRR Communities on Feeder Road Rehabilitation



Nine communities in the Niamina East District, in CRR south, recently embarked on a feeder road rehabilitation linking them to their fields, health facility and the main road.

The rehabilitation of the feeder road, according to many, will give residents of the satellite villages easy access to their fields and health facility.

Speaking to this reporter shortly after the exercise, the youth leader of the area, Duwa Camara expressed delight to participate in such an exercise, which according to him, is all geared towards national development.

Camara maintained that youth play a vital role in national development, positing that feeder roads in the area are full of potholes; and refilling those holes would enable road users to ply on the road easily.

He spoke extensively on the importance of the exercise, noting that the feeder roads link many villages in the area.

The Governor of the Central River Region, Alh Omar Khan applauded the communities for their patriotism, saying good citizens always participate in national development.

He urged communities to keep up the momentum and strengthen their unity and cooperation for national development.

The Alkalolu of Touba and Sambel Kunda, Demba Sama and Kaw Sama and one Mamadou Jang Barry, all commended the youths for their hard work and patriotism manifested during the exercise.

They acknowledged that President Jammeh has placed youth development very high on his development agenda. They equally advised the youth to acquire skills in order to be independent in life.

by Lamin SM Jawo in CRR


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