CRR Communities Sensitised on Climate Change

CRR Communities Sensitised on Climate Change



Communities in the Central River Region (CRR) north were recently sensitised about climate change at the Kuntaur Agric Station, in Niani District, CRR north. Participants were drawn from five districts across CRR north. The sensitisation was organised by Strengthening Climate Resilience of the Nema Project commonly referred to as ‘Chosso’.

The main objective of the exercise was to orient and educate key stakeholders on adaptation to climate change in The Gambia.

Deputising for the Governor of the region, the Deputy Governor Alh. Malang Saibo Camara hailed the organisers for the move.

The Chosso project, he said intends to optimise the effectiveness of NEMA interventions against climate-related threats to smallholder agriculture and to ensure systematic mainstreaming of climate risk management in decision making and planning processes at all levels.

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist Ajie Hulay Njie, said climate change is the biggest threat to our generation, and explained it is not just an environmental issue but also a development issue which has enormous economic and social consequences.

“For the case of The Gambia, it remains a driver of vulnerability in particular for those people whose livelihood depends on natural resources,” she stated.

Njie posited that rural people rely on ecosystems and biodiversity; hence consider climate variability and change as an important threat, pointing out that negative impacts of these changes are endangering the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

The Chosso project she explained, hopes to contribute its  quota in reducing rural poverty with special emphasis on youth and women by enhancing their resilience to climate change.

She maintained that the project is fully aligned to the immediate priorities for climate change.

The Chief of Niani District, Alh. Pierre Bah commended the management of NEMA for their efforts towards raising their awareness on climate change.

“As we hope to tackle the biggest threat to our generation, it is imperative that we all work together to seek solutions that will help communities adapt to the change through an integrated approach in order to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in The Gambia,” Bah remarked.

Lamin SM Jawo