CRR South Extols NCCE, UNDP for Community Outreach

CRR South Extols NCCE, UNDP for Community Outreach




The communities of Central River Region (CRR) South have expressed appreciation to the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for funding the recent countrywide sensitisation tour on civic rights.

At a meeting held in Samba Tako, Bojang Malang, Omar Baldeh and Sulayman Sam, residents of the said village, all described the NCCE-UNDP forum as timely, adding that the forum gave them new ideas.

They acknowledged that people’s awareness on their basic rights especially in politics is low in the country particularly those in the provinces.

Ebrima Keita of Nyameng Kunda village called on NCCE to continue sensitising Gambians about their rights and urged Gambians to come out en-mass to cast their votes in the forthcoming election.

“It is only by voting that your citizenship can be guaranteed in a country,” Keita said.

At a similar meeting held in Librass, Alhaji Ebun Jabbie, Alkalo of the village; Ba Kutubo Jabbie and Alhaji Karamba Jabbie, all village elders, called on NCCE officials to engage Gambians on what is expected of them when it comes to national issues like elections.

Elsewhere in Dobong Kunda, Saikou Samma, alkalo of Dobong Kunda, described the forum as important especially to the youth and women.

Hammeh Jatta, the Chairman of the Village Development Committee of Dobong Kunda; Sarjo Janko and Bakary Jatta, all called on the people of the village to be conscious of their rights especially ahead of the forthcoming elections.

“We should know what is good for us and nobody should come and fool us as Gambians. We should not vote someone into office based on party line, but based on who can deliver to us,” they added.

Junkung K. Saidy and Kebba O. Jobe, both Civic Education Officers at NCCE, called on the communities of CRR South “not to sell their five-year developments for only one bag of rice”.

“The Gambia is facing three elections; the first election is on 1st December 2016 for presidency; National Assembly election will be held in April 2017; and councillorship election in April 2018,” they informed.

Similar forums were held in Sukurr Kunda in Upper Fulladou West; Sankulay Kunda, Faraba, Boiram, Darsilami, all in Lower Fulladou West; Kerewan Demba, Kudang, Sotokoi and Mamut Fana all in Niamina East; Pinai Mandinka, Sambang Mandinka, Demba kunda and Katamina, all in Niamina West; Gissadi, Baro kunda, Sambang Wollof and Dankunku, all in Niamina Dankunku.

by Lamin B. Darboe