CRR’s APRC Committee Holds Further Consultative Meeting



The Executive Committee of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party in the Central River Region has held further consultative meetings in the Lower Saloum Constituency in CRR North.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss as family members and map ways forward for party unity. It came hot on the heels of a similar meeting held in Kaur last week. Speaker after speaker expressed their unflinching support for President Jammeh and the APRC party.

The Minister of Tourism ad Culture, Hon. Benjamin A. Roberts called on APRC supporters to unite as one family in the interest of development. He highlighted the pace of development registered by President Jammeh, saying that this is due to the love he has for Gambian people, noting that Gambians are proud to have President Jammeh as their leader.

He further reiterated the tremendous development strides registered by the APRC government in various areas ranging from health, education, agriculture, empowerment of women and youth.

The Regional Governor, Alhaji Omar Khan pointed out that since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution 22 years ago, tremendous achievements has been registered by the Jammeh administration.

“It is of course an unhidden fact that President Jammeh is exploiting every avenue or opportunity to transform The Gambia into a Paradise despite the limited natural resources the nation is blessed with,” he said.

He added that the Second Republic has brought about mammoth development in the rural areas ranging from clean drinking water to the provision of other social amenities. He expressed their appreciation to President Jammeh for providing the people with electricity.

The National Assembly Member for the Constituency, who doubles as the APRC Desk Officer for the District, Hon. Sainey Mbye spoke extensively on the numerous developments registered by President Jammeh for the past years. He further urged them to remain united behind President Jammeh and the APRC party.

NAM Mbye reiterated that politics is all about development and President Jammeh has the needs and aspirations of Gambian people. He called on them to remain steadfast behind President Jammeh and the APRC party for the interest of development.

On their part, Aja Amie Mbye the Women’s Bureau Councilor, Ada Touray and Ajie Ramu Njie all assured their unflinching support for President Jammeh and the APRC party. They promised to put aside their political differences and unite as one family.

by Lamin SM Jawo in CRR


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