D3.4M Baniko Kekoro-Kumbija Access Road Inaugurated

D3.4M Baniko Kekoro-Kumbija Access Road Inaugurated




The people of the Serahuleh settlement of Baniko Kekoro and surroundings in the Upper River Region on Sunday evening converged to witness the official opening of a 3.7km constructed access road linking the said village to neighboring Kumbija village.

d3-4m-roadFunded at an estimated D3.4M, the road construction was conceived and exclusively funded by the native of Baniko Kekoro village, residing in both The Gambia and abroad.

They were joined in the inauguration ceremony by bigwigs and party militants of the ruling APRC. The project, according to the community, is meant to compliment the development efforts of the government.

In his inaugural statement, Alhaji Omar Sompo Ceesay, Governor of URR, thanked the people of Baniako for their good intentions towards the ruling government because, “the government cannot do it alone and the road will greatly help the people in their daily travels.” He urged the elders of the village to keep praying for their children who conceived the idea to construct the road.

“Baniko Kekoro and the entire URR is 100% behind President Jammeh and who ever thinks opposition is going to win in URR is dreaming,” Governor Ceesay told the gathering.

Under the leadership of President Jammeh, he said the plight of the prowl will be addressed by government gradually, while urging the young people to be behind their parents.

Alhaji Yankuba Colley, the APRC National Mobiliser General said the rousing welcome accorded to the delegation at the entrance of the village demonstrates their support to President Jammeh. “Let us continue to support President Jammeh and not to listen to the so-called oppositions that have no agenda,” he said.

He commended the villagers for sponsoring the road project. “The development of the country is the business of all and we all have to pray for the sponsors of this road project. This is what patriotism is all about.”

Hon. Babou Gaye Sonko, APRC National Youth Mobiliser, commended Baniko Kekoro for standing high among many settlements, noting that the road project is a clear indication of their support to the development of the country. He said it is high time people give deaf ears to baseless comments by opposing people.

Alhaji Bajoko Dukureh, APRC Regional Chairman advised the people to put aside their differences and rally behind the government for the development of the country.

“I want you all to come out in your numbers and vote massively for President Jammeh,” he said, highlighting the numerous development projects in the region, ranging from schools, health facilities and security.

Hammeh Minteh Krubally, Chief of Fulladou East District, welcome the road project, while Degumeh Sillah, VDC Chairman of the village thanked the sponsors of the project. He use the event to appeal for electricity supply to the village.

Speaking on behalf of the people of Baniko Kekoro residing abroad, Kisima Drammeh thanked the elders and community for the support, the energy and time to ensure the successful completion of the project. “Before you ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” he told the meeting. He finally called on the people to make best use of the road.

Banta Tunkara, APRC Constituency Chairman for Basse reaffirmed the support of the village to APRC and President Jammeh, while Yuba Jawara, Sabi Ward Councillor said: “Sabi Ward is 100% behind the President and will be demonstrated in the upcoming election.”

Hatou Malleh Kanteh, Lady President of Baniako Kekoro village thanked President Jammeh for providing the enabling environment for such projects to be inaugurated.

by Alieu Ceesay & Momodou Jawo in Basse, URR