Defence Witness Testifies in Drug Case

Defence Witness Testifies in Drug Case




Ousman Ndure, a businessman yesterday testified as a defence witness in a drug case against Aziz Faye before Magistrate Kebba Baldeh at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court.

Aziz Faye is charged with being in possession of 1g and 500mg of Heroin, a prohibited thereby committed an offence.

In his testimony, the witness said he was present at the scene where the accused person was arrested. He said he was at the sea side that day to see the accused person who was supposed to give him some spoilt fish.

He said while negotiating with the accused person, two men came and introduced themselves as drug squad officer. He said the officers conducted a search on them (witness and accused) but they found nothing on them.

The witness said the two drug officers later came back with a boy and arrested the accused person some five minutes after conducting a search on them. He said when he asked the officers to explain to him what happen, they told him that it was none of his business.

The witness said after some time, the boy who was with the drug officer came back but the accused person was left at the station.

The police prosecutor told the witness that different witnesses had testified in the case but none of them mentioned his (witness) name but the witness maintained that he was only narrating what he saw at the scene.

by Awa Gassama

& Amie Suso