Diaspora Gambians Arrive Home Ahead of Polls

Diaspora Gambians Arrive Home Ahead of Polls




APRC supporters in the Diaspora have been arriving in the country to participate in the electoral process of their motherland.

On Friday afternoon, a delegation from the APRC-UK branch arrived and soon joined President Jammeh’s tour caravan in Basse, Upper River Region.

The U.K. Branch has prepared campaign materials; T-shirts, caps and 4000 flyers of the APRC presidential candidate displaying the wordings; Babili Mansa Gindibally.

“Our members have worked hard in conjunction with brother and sister APRC militants within the Diaspora to inform, communicate and educate not only our fellow Gambians within the Diaspora but also significantly, global bodies regarding the continued peace and stability that exists within The Gambia and the unprecedented developmental strides nurtured by the governing party under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, President of the Islamic Republic and Party leader and founder of the APRC,” said Foday Chorr, secretary general of the chapter.

“We endeavour through our coordinated efforts to counter misinformation being branded by opposition in the UK and elsewhere in the Diaspora through the positive use of social media, online radio, face to face meetings and discussion forums and also use these tools to promote the accomplishments of our governing party.  These outlets have assisted in establishing a positive image of the various branches that exist in the UK and the rest of the Diaspora and provide a vital link for members.  It does not only enables them to be kept up with up to date information about the political scene back home in the motherland, but also empowers them to be active as members by giving them a voice and an opportunity to be involved with activities to promote their party. The Gambian people have come a long way under President Jammeh’s rule, so we should try to nurture the values of democracy, rule of law and respect for the dignity of our people. On that note, I join the majority of Gambians to call on registered voters to come out massively and vote for Jammeh on December 1.”

Mr. Falai Baldeh, who is also a native of Basse Mansajang and based in the United States of America pledged his continues backing of President Jammeh. He said the victory is already certain for the APRC. He took the opportunity to call on the youth to reciprocate the good work of President Jammeh by voting massively for the APRC to continue its youth empowerment programmes.

Meanwhile, the APRC supporters in the United Kingdom are currently joined by others from Belgium, Germany, America and Sweden to participate in the election process from campaign to election.


by Musa Ndow &

Alieu Ceesay