Diaspora Gambians Urged To Be Mindful of Insidious Oppositions


My fellow Gambian brothers and sisters,  I have to speak to you about the ongoing and seemingly perpetual utterances of rubbish that pour forth from the mouths of the criminal oppositions in the diaspora.

You may well think that we have covered this ground before, in essence; we have, but their insidious vitriol needs to be highlighted so that we may not fall foul of their criminality. Only by constant vigilance and the words of truth disseminated amongst our people, regularly strengthening our collective resolve will we be able to finally lay this heinous and malicious ghost to rest. Let me start by highlighting something that we are all aware of, but something that we can build on if we unite and grow as one; our tourism industry.

The Gambia is, by virtue of God and with the guidance of our great leader President Jammeh, one of the few, if not the only African country, where crime is low the country is beautiful beyond words and the potential for growth is exponential. Are we then going to allow these criminals to sully our international image like that of so many of our neighbouring countries?  Emphatically the answer is no!! But this is what they are doing by their lobbying of the European union for money for what are worthy causes, but are then degraded into the same stinking pool of corruption that befalls our sister nations in Africa. How you may ask do they do this? The answer quite simply my fellow Gambians is that the opposition is without a conscience and without the good morals that are the staple of Gambians. They simply siphon off this money into their own greedy, deep and morally corrupt pockets and bank accounts. You may ask how this affects the Gambia, especially in the area of tourism? If the international tourist wishes to travel and holiday in a corrupt African country, where crime is rife; politically unstable and where poverty is evident everywhere completing and beginning a new cycle of hopelessness and despair, well that tourist has many destinations to choose from, but and let me be clear here; the Gambia isn’t one of them. Our tourist industry is starting to blossom, international travellers from all over the globe are starting to see what a wonderful, peaceful and tranquil country we have. In time this well deserved and true image of our beloved country will lead us to the top of “Go to” destinations, bringing jobs and prosperity to a great number of our people, are we then going to let the criminal opposition sully our reputation by their greed and corruption, bringing the shame of Africa upon us? No; no that will never happen, but we must be vigilant. And the nations to whom this criminal element prey upon like so many hungry hyenas must see that we are taking steps not to let their criminality pervade us like a poison gas, which it has in so many other places! On a final note, their criminality and moral decadence knows no bounds. It has been alleged that I am a security agent working for President Jammeh. Please! If this criminal fraternity wishes to level such utter rubbish, let them please try and make the accusation even half believable. I am no more than a patriot who believes with all his heart and soul in the rightness of our cause, the justness of President Jammeh’s rule and in the moral purity of or people, the people of our beloved Gambia, but then this is nothing unique; as I know you all feel the same way too. Let us move forward together under President Jammeh’s rule. Forward, towards a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious future. These criminal will not beat us, they will not cower our people with false promise, outright lies and coercion. The rule of law, the justness of our cause and the true hearts of our nation will ensure that God bless President Jammeh and the people of Gambia.


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